Event – Acro Yoga – Beauty and Grace

Was: Will kick off the class with warm up and fun games to build up the strength, spirit, core, stamina and fun above all. Then following the idea of the Workshop of Bea & Orsi from last Friday, we like to put more emphasis on technique, breath work, body – weight centering and graceful movement while doing Acro. As the core elements to ease and make Acro look beatufil are residing in the right technique we like to share more tricks and suggestions to become better at our own body coordination and the collaboration with the partner. After all we have jam as usual.

Wer: Wladimir (https://www.facebook.com/AcroYogaAdventure/) & Orsi (http://movetobeyou.org/)

Voraussetzungen: Reverse star, Side-star

Mitzubringen: alleine oder mit Partner, Yogamatte & gute Stimmung

Energieausgleich: Frei, wenn erwünscht ist eine Spende möglich

Wann: 28.07. Mittwoch 18.00- 20.00 (siehe Kalender Summerspark / Community Events)

Wo: Location – Arbeiterstrandbadwiese

Group for Summer Spark activities: https://chat.whatsapp.com/EMTF7P0NAUXIDdjv8urhn5